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Droners is a must-see show that covers everything FPV





Droners TV

The first episode of Droners launched in December 2017, and it featured the struggle some FPV pilots are currently facing. Since flying drones is illegal in areas such as the Bronx, New York, Droners documented the lengths some drone pilots take in order to fly. The episode showed a group of FPV racers secretly getting together in an undisclosed parking structure. The pilots explained that they have to constantly change their racing locations, and they go to each race knowing that they could easily be kicked out. While laws have restricted FPV racing in the Bronx for now, some underground pilots are still racing against each other, hoping one day for a designated legal area of their own.


The other episodes showed FPV quadcopters from different perspectives. Even a 12-year-old, up-and-coming drone racer was interviewed, and footage of his race was shown. Freestyle pilots explained how they used quadcopters to explore mountains, buildings and abandoned structures. Hydro dipping to customize quadcopters was showcased. The pilot behind the viral FPV stunt video on a train track was interviewed, and Next-gen drones with new frame designs were tested and explored.


Each episode has been created to be less than 10 minutes, but they are professionally narrated with action-packed footage. Documenting the latest in FPV technology and featuring drone racing videos in a TV style format makes Droners a must-see show.

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