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Droneport: Drone Delivery Warehouse Aims To Replace Malls




Droneport warehouses may take over closed malls in the future. Droneport is a concept project from CallisonRTKL, a global planning and design firm. This project aims to convert closed malls into eco-friendly drone delivering warehouses. CNN recently predicted that 25% of American malls will close within the next five years, so CallisonRTKL is looking to transform these abandoned malls into package delivering warehouses. This new concept is not only aiming to deliver packages by UAVs, but they also plan on adding an urban farm for farm direct deliveries.droneport slide 1

Droneport Design

Droneport has a unique design. Its base will be a renovated warehouse, the large vertical building will be used as a processing elevator, and the top halo-like structure will serve as an elevated take-off point for the package delivering UAVs.

warehouse program

Elevated Takeoff

Its high vertical takeoff point reduces the battery consumption by 20%, so launching drones at a peak level will eliminate the need for ground take-offs.

drone delivery concept

How Does It Work?

Bulk packages will be delivered by a truck to the warehouse. A customer’s order will then be sorted and elevated to the top floor where a delivery drone will fly the package to its designated location.


Droneport’s Integrated Urban Farm

The drone delivering warehouse is going to be coupled with an urban farm to reduce the impact on the environment. Droneport will be used as a new way to distribute farm grown products. Local crops can be shipped directly to consumers this way. The farm will also be utilized to reduce the heat island effect by replacing the parking lots.

Droneport Integrated Urban Farm

Where Is the First Droneport?

The first Droneport will be located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Droneport project

This project is designed with the environment in mind, so that is a great start. Drone deliveries will reduce emissions since it will be electronically operated, and trucks and other conventional packaging vehicles won’t be used as often. The addition of farm fresh products and direct consumer deliveries is a concept that can revolutionize the food distribution industry. Not only can customers get fast products delivered, but they can have unprecedented access to high quality and nutritional food. Drone deliveries are on the horizon, and it is the future of the shipping industry.


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