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1000 Foot Drone Drop Test! Don’t Try This At Home!




Drop tests are usually reserved for products in the pre-production stage, but normal YouTubers are testing various products themselves in an extreme way. These YouTubers are testing objects without a case via drone drop test at a height of 1000 feet. Taking an object and releasing them at a calculated altitude can reveal a product’s limit before it breaks; this method is used for testing the durability or maximum threshold of a product. If an object can stay intact after a 1000 foot drop test, then chances are the object you bought is going to last you a long time. Check out if these products you may own survive a 1000 foot drop.

Drone Drop Test: Nintendo Switch

This guy hooked a Nintendo Switch to an Inspire 1, and he even had a custom mod on his return to home button. Once it was released, the device glided its way down and hit the concrete floor with a loud thud. The left controller broke off the main device and flew some feet away. The most surprising part of the test was that the Nintendo Switch survived the crash, but the left controller was destroyed.

Drone Drop Test: Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone flipped its way down more times than an Olympic gymnast, and it hit the concrete floor with only one bounce right after the impact. The glass on the back was shattered, the camera broke, and the front screen was cracked, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 survived the drop; the cell phone still functioned!

Drone Drop Test: GoPro Hero 5 Session

The GoPro Hero 5 Session was strapped onto a DJI Phantom 4, and it was dropped at various heights. Once the drone reached 1000 feet, the GoPro camera fell and took nearly 15 seconds to hit the floor. It survived the drone drop test with little to no damage. One thing to note is that the Hero 5 Session camera landed on a soccer field, so the grass may have decreased the impact.

Drone Drop Test: Nokia 3310

This phone has been regarded by many as the strongest phone in terms of durability, but the drone drop test put that claim to the test. After it was flown up in the air on a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, the Nokia 3310 was dropped on top of a parking structure. The impact sounded like a loud slap across a face, and the phone split into many fragments. This drop test proved that the old Nokia 3310 is no longer the king of tough phones.

Drone Drop Test: iPhone 7

Older iPhones usually break when they get dropped at around shoulder level, and the iPhone 7 proved to be tougher but not tough enough for a 1000 foot drop test. Once it hit the concrete floor, the front screen of the iPhone 7 took most of the damage while the back was barely damaged at all. The aluminum did not bend like older generations, but the screen and the whole phone stopped functioning.

Drone Drop Test: iPad Pro

This iPad Pro was dropped at a height of 900 feet instead of 1000 feet. The Ipad Pro fell straight to its back, but the front completely shattered. The Ipad Pro was slightly bent, but the back was fine. As expected, the Ipad Pro was completely destroyed!

These drone drop tests may seem ridiculous at first glance, and it may even sound like a mere click-bait for a YouTube video, but the objects that proved to be functional after these massive drops reflect an impressive build quality. Surprisingly, companies are truly making some tough as nail products! If you own some of these surviving gadgets, then you can stop worrying about breaking your electronics because they passed the 1000 foot drone drop test.


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