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DroneClash – the competition where drones go to war




An unusual drone competition kicks off in the in a small city in the Netherlands today.

DroneClash is hosted by the Southern city of Delft (population 100,000) and the city university’s Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Lab. The competition is billed as the ultimate place for competitors to put their flying skills to the test.

Reminiscent of the Robot War TV series, people gather together and do their utmost to destroy, down or otherwise damage other drones, often with a roaring crowd in attendance.

The philosophy underpinning the event is that to ensure the safety of drones both now and in the future, we must have safeguards in place to stop rogue operators. By putting drone pilots through their paces, the MAV Lab can gain insights into the most effective methods for stopping drones in their tracks.

The eight teams which enter the competition must compete through several stages:

First, the teams must battle each other head-to-head in an arena. Using weapons ranging from blades to flamethrowers, each team tries to takedown as many of the opposing teams drones as possible.

Next, the surviving drones must try to make it through the “Hallway of Doom, Death and Destruction” and attempt to escape the reach of counter-drone weapons.

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