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DroneBase And Getty Images Partnership: Get Paid For Your Videos




dronebase getty deal

As drone media becomes more mainstream, plenty of pilots are looking for ways to make money from their skills. And the prospect of being a professional pilot is now a realistic ambition, whether you’re shooting video, providing commercial services or even racing.

You might have set up a Youtube channel to exhibit your best work, or maybe you’re approaching potential clients directly. But what if you could generate passive income from your best flights and gain industry exposure at the same time?

That’s what’s on offer for pilots working with DroneBase now. In case you didn’t know, DroneBase is a platform that connects pilots to drone jobs in their neighborhood. All pilots have to do is turn up and complete the mission; post-processing and dealing with the client is all done by the DroneBase team.

The company has recently signed a global deal with Getty Images. Now DroneBase pilots can get their best work listed on Getty’s hugely popular video database and earn royalties every time it’s used.

“As a world leader in visual communications, Getty Images has always had a pulse on the next evolution in photography and videography, and understand how drone content can elevate visual storytelling into an immersive experience,” said Dan Burton, Founder, and CEO of DroneBase.

“We’re excited to bring our network’s expertise and premium video to Getty Images’ unrivaled library of creative content. We have integrated directly into Getty Images so pilots’ content will appear with one-click after flying from the DroneBase Pilot App and website.”

DroneBase and Getty’s partnership will start with over 200 creative video assets. It will then expand to include 360 stills and video, VR content and will later evolve into commercial assignments. The move highlights how aerial videography is now becoming attractive to a global audience.

dronebase and getty partnership

How much can drone pilots earn working with DroneBase and Getty?

DroneBase pilots who successfully submit their videos to appear on Getty will receive royalties on sales of all submission(s) purchased. The minimum Pilot payout is $50 each time a video sells. Videos can potentially yield payouts in the hundreds of dollars.

Registered pilots will soon be able to exhibit all of their creative freedom with Getty Missions. You can decide what, when, and where you’d like to shoot. To begin with, DroneBase pilots are being asked to submit their best cityscapes: short, 4k aerial videos highlighting urban landscapes at all times of the day.

That’s the first theme. DroneBase has hinted that there will be more to come.

The exact specifications for the Getty submissions are as follows:

  • Clips must be 10-45 seconds in length, shot in 4K resolution video and QuickTime (.mov) or mp4 format, created with H.264 codec.
  • Video must be real-time (no slow motion or time-lapse), raw/unedited (do not cut together a series of clips), and color.
  • The video should not contain audio.
  • No text or title cards on the video.
  • Getty does not support video at 48 FPS

This is an interesting development in the world of on-demand drone content. With more themes set to be announced beyond ‘Cityscapes’, it could also be a great way to make money from that catalog of drone footage you’ve got lying around!


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