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Drone Washing a Car! -Ridiculous and Dangerous




Well now we have seen it all: drones that are starting to replace the most mundane of all. Some have been shooting roman candles. Others are required to carry a six pack of beer. I have seen drones exercise dogs and one even went so far as to pick up a dog and fly away with it.  If that video weren’t so fake, we can only think of how serious this can all get. Luckily, the video is a confirmed fake.

drone washing car

Personally, I wouldn’t want to see drone washing my car. Too much work. What if one of these firmware updates come out and bites you on the butt with the drone over the top of the roof of the car? Think of the weight of that drone crashing on the roof of the car. Just imagine the cost of repairing that damage.  We all know that great scientific minds think alike.

Here are some questions we would ask before tasking a drone to wash a car or do anything else for that matter:
  1. What if the water stream suddenly getting faster and pushes the drone to the other direction? Even though GPS would fight this scenario, there would still be limits on this point.
  2. What if the length of the hose will get too short at one point?
  3. How high can it fly with the rubber hose hooked under it?

The last part is a real hoot as the draft from the props are now in charge of drying off this vehicle. In that way, it is very much like any automated car wash there is out there.

What do your thing about the drone washing a car?

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