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Drone vs. Porsche Cayman 718 – Ultimate Race




Drone racing has been so popular these days and of course now hobbyist got used to seeing all those cool videos of DRL where some of the best drone pilots in the world competing with each other. But today we bring you something special here. It is a Porsche commercial where the sports car is getting chased by 5 drones. Proximity sensors can determine if the car got chased and trigger the purple smoke from under the car. Too much to explain just check out this video and you will know how awesome it was.

Even huge corporations like Porsche that basically has nothing to do with the drones understand the big trend of FPV racing and utilizing it in their commercial.

Behind the scenes: 

What could be even cooler than the video itself? Right! Behind the scenes is always a great and interesting thing to see! For the filmmakers, it’s a chance to understand some techniques and learn something new, while for other people probably would just watch it out of curiosity. So, let’s check it out:

Well, hope you liked the videos! Stay tuned for more cool drone content!

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