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Drone vs Soccer Football ft. Lionel Messi And Luis Suarez




Drone vs Soccer Football Lionel Messi

What does Soccer Football have to do with the drones? If you say nothing, you could be right. That is, until now. Today you will see a battle of Drone vs Soccer Football!

If you have seen some Japanese TV shows before, you will definitely know what I’m talking about. This time, the creativity of producers let the world know that drones vs football would be hot. In this video, we see Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez trying to shoot down the drone with their outstanding soccer skills.

Check out this Drone vs Soccer Football video:

How funny this all is! You don’t need to speak Japanese to understand what is going on. Just listen to the commentator is enough to get the excitement and the feel for the game.

Perhaps what surprises me is that it took them so long to shoot the racing drone down. Almost the whole minute was played with an unlimited amount of balls and a close distance of two world class soccer players. Judging by the reactions of others, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Fans in the comments started a real #HolyWar over Messi’s skills.

The drone pilot appears to be a super calm guy. While Messi and Suarez were kicking balls right in his direction, he was standing still and focused on a drone control. Even though drone pilot took his work very seriously 1 minute of rapid fire finally finished that tiny drone.


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