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Drone training in the United States: What you need to know and where to learn




What sort of things can a drone training course teach me?

Training outlets tend to put an emphasis on three things: safety, comprehensive understanding of the equipment, and knowledge of the current regulations. It is also important to note that there are a different set of rules and knowledge you have to know as a commerical as compared to consumer drone operator.

But why would I pay? Can’t I just watch free YouTube tutorials?

Sure – free tutorials are a good options for learning gazillions of new skills these days and the videos I posted above are a good way to start. Free videos might not always provide you with as comprehensive information as paying. Like with operating any vehicle, to learn about drones it sometimes helps to have the wisdom and support from someone who really knows what they are doing.

Below we have compiled a list of places you can receive drone training in the United States. This list is far from exhaustive and most of the courses are online, rather than in-person.

Drone training options in the United States


Abby Speicher – Founder and CEO of Dart Drones.

  • Located in more than 40 cities around the United States
  • Featured on US TV show Shark Tank
  • Offer in-person or online training options with experienced pilots
  • Courses cater to consumer or professional users and provides training for how to run your own drone business
  • Cheapest online course for beginner pilots cost just $20. Prices run right through to $1450 for a comprehensive professional training offering a full day of classwork, a full day of training and a suite of online tutorials.

UAV Ground School

  • This institution seems to be primarily focused on training people to pass their FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test test
  • It seems you can do all of your training online
  • They offer to refund your fee if you don’t pass the test the first time
  • Receive training from certified drone pilots
  • Cost: $199 + $20 for night operations endorsement

  • Widely considered one of the gold-standards when it comes to drone training.
  • Offers courses to pass the FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test
  • Training available to learn about all aspects of drone photography including editing, post-production & 3D Modelling
  • This course is all based online.

There are a litany of other drone training institutions out there besides the few we have listed here.

If you take away anything from this article, it should be that drone piloting and regulations are more complex and nuanced than they may initially seem. Depending on how deep your interest in drones run, there is a multitude of courses and information available to get real deep into many different aspects of the big wide world of UAVs.

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