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Drone tips for making your shots better




drone tips

Drone Tips #3 Shoot AEB/ HDR

HDR photography adds dynamic range by combining multiple photos with different exposures into one image. HDR photos preserves details in the dark and bright areas, which is useful for landscape photography. Do note that combining photos may affect the overall style. If your drone has the HDR option, then select it in photo, but if it doesn’t, just pick AEB. Auto exposure bracketing (AEB) mode will shoot the same picture but in different exposures, giving you a total of three or five photos. You can create an HDR photo in post by combining photos shot in AEB mode. Even if you don’t choose to combine all the images together, shooting in AEB allows you to select the best image; it’s almost like using burst mode but with different exposures.

drone tips

Drone Tips #4 ND filters

Whether you are filming or shooting photos with your drone, an ND filter will be useful. ND filters reduces the Jello effect for videography, and it can improve the overall quality of an image. Long exposure photography can benefit with help from an ND filter, but it may not be a requirement, especially during the night.

drone tips

Long exposure shot from Trekz’s Skypixel post.

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