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Drone tips for making your shots better




drone tips

Learning to fly a drone is one thing, but shooting a cinematic scene or an aerial photograph takes another set of skills. Here is a roundup of drone tips for pushing your drone game to the next level.

Drone Tips #1 Plan your flight

Since most consumer drones can fly for an average of 20-30 minutes, plan your flight prior to taking off. You don’t have to use a waypoint mission, but scout an area and look for obstacles to avoid; this will minimize the possibility of your drone from crashing. Also, keep a general idea of where you’d like to fly. If possible, have an end point in mind. Aimlessly flying around to find unique shots can be fun, but it’s taxing on the drone’s battery. Once you have a general idea of where to fly your drone, you can improvise and mess around with different angles, but just remember to keep point A to point B in mind.

drone tips

Drone Tips #2 Mix it up

After keeping a subject in mind, shoot different angles! You can fly low or get a bird’s-eye view by flying above your subject. You can do a reveal shot and even rotate around your subject. Just mix it up with different angles so that you have different perspectives to work with.

drone tips

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