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Drone Software – Is It A Solution To A High-Flying Industry?




Drone software

It is no secret lately in the consumer drone industry of companies going under or having difficulty in keeping a profit going as their main focus has been on consumer drones production. A positive side effect to all of this is lately a drive to switch over to drone aerial and mapping software. This was no more apparent than when DroneDeploy, a data management platform for drones, added two new executives to its payroll. Both of these executives come from cloud-based software companies whose specialties are in business development and engineering. So what gives with this development and why does it matter?

Drone software

Well, for one thing, this is just lately in a line of companies looking to develop software to provide aerial data analysis and mapping solutions for the commercial sector. While DroneDeploy is expanding, one can argue that the drone software industry is looking to be the new upcoming sector that Silicon Valley embraces.

Here is why: 

More recently, drone companies 3D Robotics and Parrot have made a conscious decision to switch from UAV production to more of drone software development. No one is surprised that DJI Technologies continues to be the big kid on the block as its innovations continue to wow consumers. Also, consumer indifference continues to chill the spark with lesser proven and known drones. Anyone with a GoPro Karma can certainly attest to this point. 3D Robotics, another drone company had its own share of calamities that resulted in $100 million dollar debacle. But that was not always the case.

GoPro Karma Return

Certainly, 3D Robotics had some promising moments. Investments from none other the Richard Branson in Sept 2014 had raised some eyebrows but unfortunately put too much gamble in its doomed drone lines. Unfortunately, the struggles seemed a bit too much for this company for which, according to Forbes Magazine, the company went from a leading U.S. Drone startup company to survival mode all in 12 months. As one anonymous employee would later say to Forbes Magazine,

“3DR was a $100 million blunder based on ineptitude.”

Forward ahead, 3DR’s website features Site Scan, a complete drone data platform that features an in class camera and automatic cloud processing that specializes in delivering data to construction sites. Nowhere on the website does it talk about commercial consumer drones or sell drones of any types. Its feature is strictly based on drone software updates.

commercial drone

The future of the drone market industry looks bright as the drone industry is looking to expand even further. By 2023, there will continue to be a growth of 19 percent as reported Along with this growth will be a higher demand for software specializing in anything from construction to law enforcement. The demand will also be exceeded by applications needing to capture aerial shots. How 3DR and other companies such as Parrot will play a part in this is just a small extension of what software applications can provide.

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