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Drone selfies to up your drone game




Drone selfies

Drone Selfies – The Orbit

Drone selfies

In DJI drones, this selfie shot can be created using the orbit or point of interest mode. While the drone is rotating around a subject, the pilot can change the distance and camera angle to reveal the landscape.

Drone Selfies – The Elevator

Drone selfies

This is another selfie shot created for even the newest drone pilots. Start by keeping the subject in frame. Then simply fly upwards consistently to show a higher point of view.

Drone Selfies – Bird’s-Eye View

Drone selfies

The bird’s-eye view was created similar to the elevator shot, but it starts with the drone hovering directly on top of the pilot. While the drone’s camera is pointed downwards, the pilot must look up at the camera and fly the drone higher to show more of the surrounding area.

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