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Drone selfies to up your drone game




Drone selfies

YouTuber Drone Film Guide released a video showing five drone selfies for filmmakers. These techniques can be used by anyone, regardless of their skill level. Check out this video to see how to shoot drone selfies from different angles:

Drone Selfies – Classic Pull Away

Drone selfies

This shot is the easiest and most used drone selfie. The operator starts by framing a person in the middle and pulls directly away by flying backwards with the camera pointed at the person. As the drone goes further, it gradually pulls up to reveal the landscape. This can be used to tell a story and show the surrounding scenery.

Drone Selfies – Twist Reveal

Drone selfies

The twist reveal shot is similar to the classic pull away, but it is created using course lock mode. While the drone is flying backwards with the camera focused on the pilot, the drone will slowly twist around and reveal the landscape. Drone Film Guide took it a step further and reversed the whole shot to show the landscape first then the pilot after.

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