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Drone Rifle Is Officially A New Weapon Of Chinese Police




police drone rifle

Last year we have seen few gimmicky videos about drone rifle and how gently it is taking drones down. Now all the skepticism about it is crushed by the fact that Chinese police in Wuhan has purchased 20 of these drone rifles and they are about to start using it.

drone riflePolice is planning to begin using drone rifles at upcoming Wuhan Marathon this year to improve the public security at the sports event.  According to Mashable, they have already launched the demo and shot down 6 drones.

police drone rifle

Apparently drone rifle costs more than $36.000 USD which is not cheap at all. For this price it offers the range of 0.8 mile or 1 km. All the unauthorized flights on the large-scale events will be taken down by police officers and their fancy drone rifles. Chinese drone rifle

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