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Thrilling Use Of Drones – Drone Racing Like ‘A Real-Life Video Game’

Derrick Threatt



Drone Racing

Forget package delivery. Drone owners have found a much more thrilling use for their radio-controlled flying machines: drone racing.

The hobby has soared in popularity over the last few months, with a rapid rise in the number of new tournaments across North America.

More than a hundred pilots converged in California last month for the United States’ first drone racing championship, and Canada is set to follow suit with a tourney in Collingwood on Friday.

Paul Drone Racing

Racing drones, unlike those flown by police, are small, weighing less than a kilogram, and can reach breakneck speeds — more than 100 km/h.

They’re controlled differently, too. Before a race starts, pilots don video goggles that let them see what the drone sees.

“The whole idea of putting on a set of goggles and flying this thing is like nothing else,” said Paul Dowling, the owner of Autobotix, a store that specializes in drone racing in Toronto.


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