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Drone Racing League Launches 2018 Tryouts & Simulator




drone racing league simulator and tryouts

The Drone Racing League has today launched the DRL Simulator and the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts – both with the aim of finding the next star of FPV racing.

Keen pilots who want test themselves, win a $75,000 professional contract and compete in the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship Season can download the Simulator and enter the Tryouts today.

The competition will end on January 15, culminating in a live eSport tournament that will be streamed to a global audience.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Swatch and announce the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts, aimed to find the next great drone pilot through a global eSport tournament,” said Drone Racing League CEO and Founder, Nicholas Horbaczewski.

“We encourage drone fans around the world to download the DRL Simulator, which blends the virtual and real worlds of professional drone racing, and to enter the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts for a chance to fly the world’s most insane race courses.”

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has become the title sponsor of the 2018 Tryouts. The winner of the 2018 DRL Tryouts will fly as the designated Swatch pilot throughout the 2018 Championship series.

How the Drone Racing League Tryouts Work

From today, anyone can download the DRL Simulator and get started on the road to becoming a professional FPV pilot.

Online players will race Levels 1-5 of the DRL 2017 season on the Simulator, featuring real maps of the racecourses from Miami Nights, Atlanta Aftermath, Mardi Gras World, Boston Foundry, and the Munich Playoffs. The top 24 players with the lowest cumulative time from all five levels will earn a spot in the live eSports-style tournament on February 3, 2018.

Last year, the winner of the tryout tournament was Jacob “Jawz” Schneider. He was rewarded with a $75,000 professional contract and a spot in the 2017 DRL Allianz World Championship, essentially going from gamer to professional drone pilot overnight.

The simulator isn’t just for those who want to try and become a professional pilot, though. It’s also supposed to be just for casual racers and those interested in taking up the hobby. The fee for the game is much cheaper than buying and putting together your own racing drone, after all.

So the platform is also a way for players to learn how to fly on digitized versions of DRL’s famous drone models, which include:

DRL Racer3 – The official 90 MPH pro-racing drone, flown by professional pilots throughout the 2017 Season and designed and hand-built by DRL’s expert engineers

DRL RacerX – The fastest racing drone on the planet, which recently set the Guinness World Record title for the Fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter, achieving a top speed of 179.6 MPH

DRL Nikko Air – The ultimate entry racing drone for aspiring pilots who want to learn how to fly

Where to find the DRL Simulator

The DRL Simulator is available to download from steam for $19.99.

These are the specs that Drone Racing League suggests you need to run the simulator properly:

OS: Windows 8×64 or greater
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (2.70 GHz) or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (2GB) or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Controller types: For your best chance of competing, you’ll need a controller; recommended options can be found here.


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