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Drone Prix Is An AR Game For Your DJI Drone




Edgybees has launched a new AR Game called Drone Prix that makes your regular drone flying even more interesting than ever before.

The game is focused on flying the drone through a virtual obstacle course, collecting prizes and avoiding obstacles along the way. Drone pilots can compete over the best performance, points and time for a coveted place in the high-score leaderboard with other drone pilots around the world.

Basically, you just have to download the Drone Prix AR in the App Store or Goggle Play. Connect the mobile device to your drone and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, it is impossible to play this game without flying the drone right now, but I hope we will see this feature in future.

In fact, this game is just reading and processing the video data from your drone, so the checkpoints in the game have nothing to do with any GPS points. Drone Prix is featuring over 30 different obstacle courses, with varying difficulties suitable for novice to experienced pilots.

Drone Prix


In fact, this game is a perfect example of how great it is to have SDK support on DJI drones. We’re sure it will be a very cool experience to fly Spark with DJI Goggles while playing this game.

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