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MARS Drone Parachute System: Protect Your Drone!




Mars drone parachute

You may have heard of waterproofing your DJI Phantom 4 with a wetsuit, but now you can add another layer of protection with a drone parachute. MARS Parachute, or Multi-Rotor Aerial Recovery System, is a company based out of Brea, California, and they offer parachutes for various consumer and custom made drones. Protecting your investments with an auto deployable drone parachute is a great way to mitigate damage in case of emergencies. MARS Parachutes can also be repacked, reused, and more than one can be strapped onto one UAV. With a drone parachute system, you can now have safer flights, and the drone will be at less risk of causing damage in an event of the likes of a motor failure.


The parachutes are mostly tailored for DJI products, but their system works on nearly any UAV. Different parachute systems vary in price. One example of a full drone parachute system is a Mars Phantom 4 Lite; it’s currently only available for the original Phantom 4, and it’ll cost $269.98. With that package, a 14 gram “Mayday” system and an 88 gram parachute will be included. The Mayday system will automatically deploy the parachute once it detects a malfunction such as a motor failure. The parachute on the Phantom 4 will expand to 45 inches to ensure a safe landing.

Mars drone parachute

How Does It Work?

The Mayday device has a 3-axis gyro system, a 3-axis accelerometer system, and a barometer; these instruments work together to detect sudden free falls and upside down flips. Once the Mayday recognizes an emergency, it will send a signal to the parachute system to automatically deploy.

Mars Parachute

Future MARS Parachute Products

Right now, their parachute system deploys automatically, but MARS is working on creating a manual drone parachute deployment system called the NOVA. It is scheduled to be released in about a month on an online funding platform for startups called Kickstarter.  A parachute system for a DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 Pro are still in the works, but their new NOVA system seems to be the priority.

Mars drone parachute

It’s no surprise that most of the parachutes are made specifically for DJI drones like the Inspire 2, which can be found on We Talk UAV’s best drones list, but custom made UAVs can also benefit from a MARS drone parachute system since multiple spring loaded parachutes can be separately purchased. The company even offers a solo parachute that supports UAVs up to 25 lbs!

Mars drone parachute

All MARS drone parachutes have a standard 1 year warranty that covers all manufacture related defects. More specific information about other MARS parachute systems can be found on their official website.

MARS parachute

MARS Drone Parachute Uses

A drone parachute is useful in challenging environments and in sudden UAV failures. It may also be seen more often in future delivery drones. If your drone falls from crashing with a bird, then a drone parachute will drastically reduce the landing impact by decreasing the drone’s descent rate. A UAV can drop out of the sky for no clear reason, so a drone parachute can save drone owners hundreds of dollars from potential repairs. A parachute system may not seem ideal for everyone, but it’s a fail-safe product built with safety in mind. The MARS drone parachute is perfect for those who need the assurance of an emergency landing system that can deliver their drone from any midair flight failures.


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