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Near-miss between plane and drone draws calls for tougher UAV laws




Screenshot of footage taken from drone which narrowly missed a landing Airbus in Las Vegas

A near-miss between a man’s hobby drone and a commercial airplane in Las Vegas was captured on video and has drawn international condemnation.

The incident has also prompted moves by aviation regulators to implement tougher laws governing public drone usage.


The dramatic near-miss was only discovered after footage from the man’s drone was uploaded to YouTube last week.

The video, shot on an unknown date, reveals the drone hovering high above Las Vegas with McCarran International Airport in the distance.

A Frontier Airlines Airbus (carrying 180 passengers) appears onscreen as it makes final approach to the runway. The drone briefly flies directly above the plane before it continues its descent and goes on to land safely.

The drone pilot’s utterly reckless behaviour caused swift criticism from public and regulators online.

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