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Drone Motorcycle – The Release Of The Scorpion 3 By Hoversurf




What weighs 265 pounds, goes up to 30 MPH and reaches an altitude of 33 feet? It is the newest offering made by Hoversurf, a Russian company and is billed as the first drone motorcycle. The Scorpion 3, as it is currently titled, can be yours for a mere $150,000.

The company is in the crowdfunding stage with the new manned quadcopter is also referred to as a drone motorcycle. In all fairness, it looks like a bike but with four rotors. In reviewing the test video, the bike is stable while flying up in the air. Of course, it is flying at a slow speed. However, there is much more to it than just a bike.

The real vision of the Hoversurf is to combine a motorcycle with drone technology. The idea is to create an extreme sports machine. It does not get any more extreme than this. What is not needed at this time, however, is a motorcycle or pilot’s license. Of course, you do not want to crash while flying on this unless the idea of being wheelchair bound for the rest of your life is appealing. All it takes is one jolt and your legs being caught the props and the rest is as we say history.

Then again, there is the safety aspect of this invention. The “state of the art flight controllers” as well as the software which is designed to keep a focus on altitude and speed. While software only cannot be the lone form of safety, there is still more to consider and is safe to say that Hoversurf still has this project on the drawing board. Another concept with a familiar theme that Hoversurf Drone Motorcycle has going on is the drone taxi. However, they are not alone on this point.Hoversurf Drone Motorcycle - drone taxi

The drone taxi is an idea that is getting ready to take off in Dubai in July 2017. However, with the technical advances of driverless cars and an idea to beat traffic, the drone taxi is one area that is going to take off. (Uber ride anyone?) Is this all the start of a driverless flying car that we were all promised growing up?

What Is The Hoversurf Drone Motorcycle Made For?

While this bike is considered more of an extreme sports motorcycle/drone hybrid, the transportation aspect of this product is more to be determined in the future. Of course, it may have some serious competition. For one thing, both Uber and Airbus are working to develop their own prototypes of taxi/drone transportation.

Other companies such as Malloy, Aoefex, E-volo and Ehang are also in on the action. Perhaps the coolest of all is the concept of jetpacks. If jetpacks get manufactured and made, will it make the motorcycle/drone more obsolete?

The Hoversurf is for those who love to live dangerously. Where the props are located is enough to give own thinking that they could lose their legs. Still, for those looking to the skies as their next step for transportation along with a little exhilaration, this may just be the fun you are looking for.


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