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Drone Graffiti – Synchronized Drone Art Is Coming Soon




drone graffiti featured image

ratti drone graffitiDrone Graffiti has been around for a few years now, but a new concept called Paint by Drone has emerged from an international design firm called Carlo Ratti Associati. This new system can draw on buildings or any large blank surfaces with a fleet of interactive drones. These coordinated unmanned aerial vehicles will paint in response to an app. That app will allow users to submit digital art. Once that artwork is submitted, the drones will then be programmed to manifest that digital art into reality. It will also be all secured with a separate central management system.

Drone Graffiti Equipment

The drone graffiti quadcopters are estimated to be one meter or about 3.3 feet wide. They will be equipped with CMYK or cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black) paints. Sensors will be utilized to assure optimum safety and precision paint application. The standard four propellers will be used, and the design has shown it to be suited with prop guards.

drones exploded diagram

When Can You Expect This?

Fall 2017 is the estimated date for this concept to become reality.

Where Can You See Drone Graffiti In Person?

The collaborative graffiti drone squad system can be seen in Berlin, Germany, and another appearance will be made later in Turin, Italy.

paint by drone for building sites

To keep the drones in check, a safety net will also be installed.

This concept Paint by Drone system will allow collaborative art to work in conjunction with members of the community. An artist can do the main drawing then other people can choose a color to fill the different areas. This will allow an interactive and community driven artwork.

Antonio Atripaldo, the project leader at Carlo Ratti Associti, said,”This project encapsulates our vision of the city as an emergent system.”

concept paint by drone system

Founding Partner, Carlo Ratti, is also an architect and engineer who currently teaches at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he said, “Our cities are filled with blank vertical surfaces, either permanent or temporary. Scaffold sheeting, for instance, has great potential, but in fact, it is mostly used in bland ways – left empty or employed for advertising. With Paint by Drone, we would like to unleash the potential of ‘phygital (digital + physical) graffiti.”

This concept drone system seems promising, but working prototypes are still needed. If they can actually get the whole system, the app, and the paint to work altogether, then drone graffiti will definitely be an interesting art to witness.


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