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6 Tips on How to Lose Your Drone and Guarantee a Flyaway!





Let’s talk flyaways

You know that wretched, sinking feeling.  More unpleasant experience than a crash, it is a permanent disassociation from your drone. At least when you crash a drone you can see how it’s broken and send it back to repair service. With a flyaway all you can do is cry and carry your remote controller back home, a feeling no one enjoys.

At We Talk UAV, we have made a list and checked it twice to see what top list of bad suggestions will surely guarantee a drone fly away. 

1. Don’t check your home point before take-off

Sounds simple, right? Flyaways are not the result of one bad mistake but the result of many small mistakes that come together as a perfect storm. Fortunately, many drone companies are dedicated to making these products more full proof for less user error. On most of the models home point will record automatically when you take off. In the case of you boating enthusiasts out there, if you do not have dynamic home point, you could take off from one location, fly for a while and press RTH button without refreshing your home point. The end result would be that your drone could go for a bath and you will be posting in forums about how defective your drone is. However, the drone is not defective. Most drone crashes can be preventable and the result of pilot error.

2. Flying in an Environment with High Electromagnetic Interference

Consider the environment of your cities: Metropolises are full of tall buildings loaded with w-ifi, radio, TV and other goodies. No interference there, right? How about powerlines? Just remember: High voltage power lines, and cell phone towers really can make your drone crazy flying around the place by itself with no control possible from the pilot. But you say, that is only for those who don’t know anything. I already know this. Perhaps but if you had a close call on a fly away, perhaps you did not consider this point.

3. Fly close to the objects

Ever see bridges, towers, buildings and other objects that invite the money shot? Well proceed with caution on this. If those objects are made of metal, your compass may go haywire from the magnetic interference of those metal constructions and you will have problems. An unintended side effect will be that the controller will no longer be effective. You may be directing your UAV to go backwards but it will fly to the left instead. Perhaps, you will try to direct it to the right but it will fly forward. Perhaps this will be fun stuff but do you really want to fly like that?

4. Forget about RTH altitude

Altitude is everything. On lower end UAVs this is the result of a fixed altitude which will marry your UAVs into tree branches and other unintended objects. If you can adjust this attitude, the rule of thumb is simple:  Set the RTH altitude higher than the trees and buildings in your area. Fly behind the object and you will be waving bye, bye to your drone. For those who own Phantom 4s or Mavics, you are in luck. Obstacle avoidance will be your best friend and it will make the decision to fly around those objects and come back to you.

5. Forget the Compass Calibration

Never consider the compass calibration especially if you fly in different locations. Different locations can mean different electromagnetic environments. Don’t calibrate the compass to make sure it will not work properly. It requires a lot of patience because if you don’t calibrate  it once or twice nothing will happen. You have to give up calibration for a long time in order to get flyaway.

6. Fly as far as you can and as long as you can

This is a common sense approach that is not always common for many pilots. You can look on any forums or articles and see how many times this point is made. Fly all the way forward until you lose the signal, ignore all the notifications and warnings on screen, keep flying till the battery drops to the critical level and drone will go auto-landing somewhere far from you. When that happens, set up the red flag. Good luck with your rescue operation. You will be going home without your little airborne buddy.

Want to know the best way to get flyaway? Try this on for size:

Take your drone to 1000m far and 500 up, switch to Atti mode (No GPS) mode and enjoy your unforgettable flyaway experience.

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