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Drones for good: UAV fleet help combat plastic pollution plaguing world’s oceans




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Long-term aims for the Plastic Tide charity: 

The team would eventually like to build up a database of images from all over the world to help identify the areas that have been worst affected by plastic pollution. Having a comprehensive database of beaches affected by plastic pollution will allow researchers to gauge the effectiveness of efforts from governments or NGOs to reduce plastic waste.

How you can help this project:

In the short video clip on the previous page- the Plastic Tide team outline several ways ordinary people can assist the massive beach cleanup effort.

  1. Login to Zooniverse and tag plastic in images that the Plastic Tide team has taken. As you can imagine, with tens of thousands of images from beaches, it can be very time consuming for the team to go through all the photos. By going to the website, you can help out by scanning through photos and tagging when you’ve found plastic. This assists the algorithms in gradually getting more accurate.
  2. Join a local beach cleanup in either the United Kingdom the United States or wherever you are. Beach cleanups are happening all over the world. Check out Plastic Tide’s website for more details or search online in your local area.
  3. Reduce the amount of plastic you use. There is no greater way you can help stem the flow of plastic pollution that by not buying plastic in the first place. Think about what you buy and go for products that use sustainable or reusable packaging.

Examples of tags you can apply to images taken from drones to help the Plastic Tide team.

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