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Drone cuts baby’s face!




On July 24, Cassandra Roberts witnessed a drone run into a swing and cut her 1-year-old son’s face in Bettendorf, Iowa, according to Fox 23 News. Two men who reportedly flew the UAV apologized to the 24-year-old mother, and then Roberts rushed her son to the hospital. The following day, Roberts reported the incident, but she forgot to get the names of the drone pilots, so now Iowa police are asking the public for help.


Screenshot of Bettendorf Police Department’s Facebook post.

Warning graphic image

According to Fox 23 News, doctors from Trinity Bettendorf Hospital gave the 1-year-old three stitches for the cheek and two for his lips.

Photo credit: Des Moines Register.

The Bettendorf Police Department said two operators lost control of the quadcopter on Facebook. The UAV then flew into a playground and struck Atticus in the face.

The pilots that flew the drone did so without asking the city for permission, which was illegal, according to police Cpt. Justin Paul.

“If you’re going to operate them, you need to operate them in a safe manner away from individuals and make sure you’re in compliance with whatever local ordinances are out there,” Paul said in a Fox 23 News article.

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