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5 Drone Crashes To Learn From In 2017




Drone crashes can happen to even the most skilled pilots. Sometimes your thousand plus dollar quadcopter can take a turn for the worse and fail while you are being cautious. Other times drone crashes are simply just pilot error. Let’s take a look into some drone crashes and examine what went wrong.

Drone Crash #1

Here is a GoPro Karma being flown off a boat out in the middle of an ocean. The YouTuber Only The Ocean and Me flew the Karma drone perfectly fine up until about 50 seconds into the video. It seems like the pilot was attempting to land the drone, but it descended a lot lower than he expected. In a last ditch effort, another person attempted to save the Karma by jumping off the boat; this is a dangerous move because the drone’s propellers can easily inflict damage to a human hand. Not only did the attempt to save the drone fail, but the Karma looks like it inevitably crashed into the water. This crash might have been avoided if the pilot did not descend too quickly. Even though the Karma fell into the ocean, the GoPro Hero 5’s built in a waterproof case may have saved them at least $400. Learn how to properly fly your drone first before attempting to land it on a boat.

Drone Crash #2

This short video can be used as a reminder to double check your propellers before takeoff. The propellers on this DJI Inspire 1 stayed on the drone for a few seconds, but once it started going up and forward, the improperly placed propeller flew off and down went their $2000 investment. This may not be the pilot’s fault because sometimes propellers can just be faulty; the drone did fly for a few seconds before the propeller just broke off.

Drone Crash #3

This drone crash was covered by WeTalkUav last month, but this new perspective can be seen through a user uploaded YouTube video. This is 100% illegal and the pilot is to blame for this. The Karma was inches away from seriously harming the crowd. The lesson here is to not fly your drone in a stadium during a professional game without proper clearance.

Drone Crash #4

This video starts off with a beautiful scene out in the lake next to some mountains. This pilot attempted to do a pullback shot with his drone, and he crashed the UAV into some trees about halfway through the video. This can easily be avoided by doing some post video editing. Shots like these can be reversed in most video editing programs. Next time you are shooting a scene with little to no movement, just fly your drone forward and reverse your video footage in post.

Drone Crash #5

This DJI Inspire 1 drone crash was originally uploaded on Facebook by Filmemacher Deutschland, and this shows that even professional pilots can encounter a drone fail. This drone was also doing a pullback shot, but unexpected debris from the confetti cannon caused it to crash. Once the streamer hit the Inspire 1, the drone dove into the crowd. Had the drone operator known that debris was going to be released at that specific time, then maybe he had a chance at saving his Inspire 1.

Drone Crashes

These crash videos are mostly due to pilot error, but there are some rare instances where drones just fail out of the blue. Regardless of whose fault it was, drones are dangerous if they fall into a crowd of people. Drones are great tools that can be utilized for their capability to get unique angles. Trees and unseen objects can cause a drone crash, so know your surroundings first before launching your drone. Learn from these pilot’s mistakes and fly cautiously with safety in mind.


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