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Drone crash testing with 600 UAVs in Asia




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Drone crash tests in China

Aviation Safety Network released an article showing a mimic plane crashing into a hovering DJI Phantom 4. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) used two DJI quadcopters; one was positioned to hit the corner of a windshield, while the other was placed to directly hit the windshield. Instead of an actual plane, a front portion of a mimic passenger plane was launched from a rail at a speed similar to an operating aircraft. The tests resulted in a cracked windshield. Here is a a short clip from CAACTV, showing the actual crash:

With an increase availability of drones, researchers had to gauge possible damage and find solutions. Besides consumer drones, UAVs are set to change how packages and food will be delivered, so their integration into society must carefully be implemented, especially since people’s lives may be at risk. These tests didn’t replicate everyday drone crashes, but they are still necessary for the future development of the drone industry.

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