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“Drone-Catching Drones” among high-tech security measures for Winter Olympics




Security measures for Winter Olympics include:

  • Specially modified drone-catching drones with the capacity to deploy nets over any suspicious flying vehicles.
  • A highly advanced drone detection radar developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) will scan the skies for any unauthorised approaches form drones.
  • Radio signal-jamming guns. If drones somehow make into restricted airspace, these weapons are to be fired to bring them down.
  • Additional to net-deploying drones, special forces agents will be sent by helicopter to approach and shoot down rogue drones with shotguns.

In December, Reuters published footage of South Korean military conducting drills involving SWAT team members shooting down a bomb-laden drone that was traveling towards a bus full of athletes.

Winter Olympics

Screenshot from Reuters video of South Korean security forces training by shooting down a drone.

This is not the first time anti-drone technology has been used for large events. During last year’s presidential inaguration, anti-drone technology was used to enforce the airspace around Washington D.C.

South Korea’s security operation involves a reported 60,000 . This includes 5,000 South Korean troops and a specialized 700-person computer emergency response team (CERT). This team is tasked to respond to computer network hacks or other cyber threats during the games.

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