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“Drone-Catching Drones” among high-tech security measures for Winter Olympics




Drones capable of firing Kevlar nets will be among extraordinary security precautions South Korean authorities are making in preparation for the Winter Olympics to be held later this month.

While security is a paramount concern at any Olympics, these games have an added reason for caution. Pyeongchang, the Olympic host city, is just 80 kilometers from the North Korean border. Given the recent tensions over nuclear weapons and missile tests between North Korea and the West,  fears for public safety are understandably heightened.

Countries have been using industrial drones in warfare since the turn of the millennium. However, until now, the use of publicly available UAVs in terror attacks has been rare. Last year US officials warned that ISIS were plotting to use drones to launch attacks against civilian populations. As such, hosts of large public events are now on high-alert for any unauthorised flying vehicles.

Winter Olympics

Drone Catcher Drones will be part of South Korea’s security operation for the Winter Olympics.

During the games, 83,000 foreign tourists are predicted to visit Pyeongchang. In light of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s frequent unpredictable and belligerent behaviour, including threatening to obliterate the South, it is unsurprising security is such a priority. Throughout the two week period, South Korean forces will employ a raft of cutting-edge technologies to defend against conventional or aerial attacks.

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