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Aftermarket drone cases can be useful for transporting gear safely, but there are a lot of companies to choose from. We Talk UAV created a video featuring approved drone products that are great for either protecting gear or making drone flights simply better:

Waterproof drone backpack!

The Realacc backpack case is meant for FPV drone racing, but its generous compartments allow drone pilots to store multiple quadcopters and extra accessories. The backpack is similar to a typical school backpack, but it’s wider and has more compartments. A laptop or extra tools can be placed on the front compartment. The main compartment can be accessed on the same side as the shoulder straps, and We Talk UAV was able to fit a DJI Spark, controller, Yuneec Breeze, Crystal Sky monitor case, large bag full of cables, GDU o2, Mavic Air and a Fat Shark headset. The case is also rainproof when the included cover is placed over the backpack.

Realacc’s backpack is like a photographer’s backpack, but it is designed to carry multiple drones. The backpack is currently on sale, and it can be purchased on Banggood for only $62.99.

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