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Aerial Video

DRL pilot films active lava field using FPV drone




FPV drone

FPV drone setup:

Strix screech

Hobbywing 2207 2450kv motors

Hobbywing 4in1 esc and fc

Crossfire full tx and micro rx

TBS unify vtx

Strix hoot antenna

Azure 5150 prop

Tattu rline 100C 1550mAh 4s

Runcam swift mini

Gopro hero5 black @ 2.7k 60 fps, -0.5ev protune flat Fatshark HD3 Furious

FPV goggle module

TrueRC X2air directional antenna

Strix hoot omni antenna

Frsky Taranis X9D remote controller Strix backpack

FPV drone

Why even shoot using an FPV drone?

FPV drones are normally used for racing and freestyling because of their light weight and fast speeds, but they can also be used to film since they can pull aerial maneuvers that give a true bird-like perspective. Considering the footage they capture is filmed without a gimbal, FPV drones requires more skill to pilot compared to a consumer quadcopter like a DJI Mavic Air, but they offer a unique, up-close perspective. Similar to how different lenses on a camera give a different look, an FPV drone can be used to shoot a truly immersive video like what Kocher filmed.

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