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Drake performs with drones at Madison Square Garden!




About Verity


Screenshot from Metallica’s YouTube video shows Verity drones flying in the background.

Verity’s drone technology has 33 patents pending and six approved. The light show drone company was built from the ground up in 2014 with safety as a priority. The company has travelled over 20 countries, flown over 30,000 flights and even toured with Metallica. Verity’s drones are proven to be safe, and they have even flown in venues with no-drone policies.

Future of indoor concerts

Similar to Intel’s record-breaking drone flights but indoors, Verity’s quadcopters are basically drone swarms that are designed to change how live events are experienced. CNET said Verity is aiming to make their technology available for the masses, so indoor drone light shows could one day be rented for weddings or even birthday parties.

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