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Dragon drone transforms midair!




dragon uav


Equipped with a smart sensor called Intel Euclid, the dragon drone can automatically detect its surroundings. It is currently equipped with four modules, dual-rotor gimbal modules, joint modules, a battery that provides a three-minute flight and ducted, counter-rotating propellers. The dragon drone is expected to be operable with 12 modules to increase its ability to transform.

For those interested in the math behind the prototype, here’s a video explaining how it operates:

According to IEE spectrum, JSK Lab member Fan SHI described the dragon drone as “a breakthrough in hardware design which, in a beautiful way, connects a manipulation arm with a ducted fan-driven aerial robot.

The dragon drone is like other nature-inspired drones because its flight characteristics are similar to a snake’s movements. Even though this UAV is still a prototype, it can potentially be used in disasters to squeeze through hard-to-reach places.

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