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DJI’s Respond To UK Drone Registration Rules




DJI Spark drone featured image

DJI has released a response to the UK Drone Registration Rules:

Drone technology offers enormous benefits to the UK, and the Department for Transport’s proposal appears to strike a sensible balance between protecting public safety and bringing those benefits to the UK’s businesses and the public at large,” said Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs. “DJI has invested heavily in adding safety features, and we expect the government to work closely with industry leaders to ensure progress and promote technological innovation. We are encouraged by the fair and thoughtful approach the government has taken to date. The key will be maintaining this balance in the next round of deliberation.”

DJI Spark drone

The manufacturer has also mentioned:

DJI has led the industry in developing technology to help ensure drones operate safely, including mandatory altitude limits, automatic return-to-home systems when drones lose contact with their controllers, and our geofencing system that uses GPS navigation to help pilots steer clear of airports, prisons, power plants, and other sensitive locations. Plans on deterrents and no-fly zones should be developed so that they are proportional to the risks and do not impose unnecessary restrictions. The best answer to collision hazards is to take steps to avoid the collision in the first place, and DJI is proud to be a leader in technology initiatives to accomplish that objective.

The UK is just one country out of 196 countries in the world, which means that drone manufacturers will need to communicate with other 195 governments as well. And the questions is will the governments choose to regulate hobby so strict, so it’s not fun anymore, or give the fast developing high-tech industry a chance to breathe?

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