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White Mavic Pro – DJI Keeps Playing With Colors




DJI has released a new, limited edition White Mavic Pro, which is (you won’t believe it) absolutely identical with the initial grey Mavic ProYes, there are no new features, no improved camera or anything like this. At least, last time when they have released Mavic Pro Platinum, they have bothered with the new propulsion system to lower the noise.

Looking at this year product line, we can clearly see that the most exciting things that they brought us were: DJI Goggles, Spark’s gesture control and size as well as  the monster of a camera X7 with DJI’s new lenses and 6K capabilities. Those are great, but certanly not as great as 2016 Mavic, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, Zenmuse X5S, and other cool products.

But the biggest discovery for DJI this year were colors. It’s not hard to imagine a conversation of the product managers:

Image result for business conversation

Hey, let’s make a Phantom 5!
B: Why?
A: I mean… we can improve camera, make it support interchangeable lenses, add couple of more sensors for the obstacle avoidance, and maybe do something cool with remote controller.
B: Nah, let’s just paint it black and sell as a new product… ahahahah LOL!
A: Well, maybe we should make Mavic 2 then.
B:  Screw that! Just paint it white… or silver… or both! Yes, do both!
A: Got it! Make white drones black and black drone white.

We are big fans of DJI, but new colors, somehow doesn’t make us excited. DJI, please make something to wow your customers.

Back to the topic: Should you buy a White Mavic?

The main reason to buy it is the price. As the combo with 3 batteries comes at the price of $1049 which is about $120 cheaper than the regular Mavic with 2 batteries.
So, if you don’t have a Mavic Pro yet, it’s a good deal to buy an Apline White Mavic combo.
And it’s not too soon to buy a Christmas gifts for your friends and family. White mavic pro


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