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New DJI Wind Drones and FlightHub Unveiled at Airworks




DJI Wind

At the 2nd annual DJI Airworks Conference in Denver, two new DJI Wind drones and a drone management software called FlightHub were unveiled. The Airworks Conference showcased new hardware and software advancements for businesses from the agriculture, construction, energy, infrastructure and public safety industries. The custom made-to-order DJI Wind 4 and DJI Wind 8 drones are both variants of DJI’s agriculture drone called Agras, and FlightHub is a subscription and web-based service that allows enterprise customers to efficiently coordinate a fleet of drones.

DJI Wind 4 and DJI Wind 8

The DJI Wind 4 is a quadcopter that can carry payloads of up to 30 pounds, while the DJI Wind 8 is a octocopter that is built with redundancy to maximize flight control. Both drones are completely customizable, foldable, dustproof, waterproof, and they support onboard and mobile SDK. DJI has yet to feature these drones on their official website, but they were found for sale on other websites like Electronica RC and Quadcopter. The DJI Wind 8 is being sold on Quadcopter for a minimum of $15,500. Since these drones are customizable, their flight times will vary according to their payload.

DJI Wind

Pictures are from Quadcopter and Eletronica RC. The drone on the left is the Wind 8. The two on the right are the Wind 4.

DJI FlightHub

DJI’s FlightHub is a new, web-based control center for multiple DJI drones. It can give live telemetry data, and it allows an operator to view up to four drone video streams. FlightHub helps coordinate and manage operations in real time. This service is accessible through web browsers, and data can securely be transmitted from the DJI Pilot app. Flighthub is compatible with the DJI Matrice 200, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4 series and the DJI Inspire 2.

DJI Wind

FlightHub Uses

This service can be used for emergency situations like fire-fighting and in times of natural disasters. It can also help drone teams scan an area more efficiently for search and rescue missions.

DJI Wind

DJI FlightHub Price and Availability

Flighthub is now available for subscription enterprise customers on DJI’s official website. The Basic package can bind up to five drones without real-time view, and it costs $99 a month or $999 annually. The Advanced package can bind up to 10 drones with real-time view, and it costs $299 a month or $2999 annually. The Enterprise package can bind more than 10 drones and includes all features with access to a private cloud. Interested customers must contact DJI to get a price quote for the Enterprise package.

DJI Wind

Test FlightHub

Pilots can test FlightHub from November 14 to December 14 by filling out the contact form on the bottom of DJI’s webpage.


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