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DJI Teaser Trailer Just Released!




DJI Teaser Trailer

DJI released a 45 second teaser trailer called Reflections and marked the end of the video with a date of October 11, 2017. The clip was a compilation of different cinematic shots that raised more questions than it answered. A female narrated in the background as the scenes switched from indoor to outdoor scenes. Whatever the DJI teaser trailer was hinting at will officially be unveiled at 5 p.m. PST next Wednesday.

DJI Teaser Trailer Event

DJI left a description on their YouTube video that described the event as the “next stage in cinematic vision.”

DJI Teaser Trailer

Moderators on DJI’s official forum haven’t released any information on the event. Apparently, they know just as much as the average consumer when it comes down to unreleased products. Here’s a snippet of DJI-Mark’s forum post:

DJI Teaser Trailer

DJI Teaser Trailer Speculations

The video showed scenes of varying distances. Some scenes were up close, while other scenes are reminiscent of a drone shot. Considering the diverse shots depicted in the video, We Talk UAV speculates that DJI will release a new Osmo and a swappable camera. An updated handheld gimbal capable of carrying a new camera that can attach to an Inspire 2 might be released on October 11, 2017.

DJI Teaser Trailer

Snippets from DJI’s Reflection Trailer

Since there is a camera lens being shown at the end of the video, DJI might unveil an updated camera module instead of a new drone like the Phantom 5. DJI just announced their newest Mavic Pro Platinum and Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian drones at the end of August this year, so it will highly be unlikely that they would release a new consumer drone that fast. If they do release a new drone for the Christmas season, then they would create competition against themselves. A newer DJI drone will most likely top sales over variant model upgrades.

DJI Teaser Trailer

These are just speculations, so everyone still has to wait for DJI’s official announcement! This time of year is a prime target for major companies to release new products, so whatever DJI has in store for next Wednesday will definitely be something worth waiting for.


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