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DJI teams up with Taser manufacturer to sell drones directly to law enforcement




Chinese drone manufacturer DJI will work with Axon (formerly known as Taser) on a new venture to sell drones directly to United States law enforcement.

Axon are primarily known for making police body-cams, tasers and evidence management software. Their new venture with DJI will be called Axon Air and will combine Axon’s digital evidence data storage platform with DJI’s UAVs to make it easy for law enforcement agencies to get their hands on drones fit for crime fighting purposes. According to Axon, their service are currently being used by more than 200,000 public safety professions.

The venture will launch by selling the popular consumer model Phantom 4 Pro as well as the more-upmarket drone intended for professionals, the Matrice 210. There has been no indication of how much this deal could be worth to Axon and DJI. However, with thousands of police and fire department’s around the country potentially keen to get their hands on a drone and with each model costing in excess of a thousand dollars – this deal could be incredibly lucrative.

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