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New DJI Spark Modes Need To Be Implemented In Other Drones




maze DJI spark

DJI Spark has officially released, and it is DJI’s smallest and most portable drone ever. Besides its compact frame, the new drone comes packed with unseen features.

Previous drones such as the Inspire 2 or the whole Phantom 4 Pro line may even be capable of being updated with some of the new DJI Spark modes.

Even though the new drone is tuned for selfies and photography, its new flight modes can possibly be incorporated into other DJI drones with a simple firmware update.

DJI Spark Modes

Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic, and the Inspire 2 Might Be Capable of Running the New DJI Spark Modes

DJI Spark Modes: Panorama

Automatic panorama modes have been missing in all of the previous DJI drones. It’s kind of amazing that DJI is now only including a panorama mode in the DJI Spark. It may be that the files are smaller and easier to stitch, but other drones need to have a basic panorama option.

The new “Pano“ mode will be able to shoot both vertical and horizontal. Hopefully, DJI can implement this new feature in their previous drones with a simple firmware update because users had to manually stitch photos in post with another program.

multiple shooting modes

DJI Spark Modes: Shallowfocus

If you own an iPhone 7 then you must have heard of the portrait mode. This portrait mode is called “shallow focus” on the DJI Spark, and it captures photos with a shallow depth of field effect. This means that an object will be in complete focus and everything else will be slightly blurry, or it focuses on the foreground rather than the background.

This is commonly seen in high-end cameras like DSLRs. DJI needs to update their older lineup with this feature. Some drones like the Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic have Gesture mode, so it might be useful to add a shallow focus mode on top of the gesture mode.

DJI Spark Modes gesture mode

DJI Spark Modes: Palmcontrol

The DJI Spark also has gesture mode, but it has Palmcontrol. This new feature allows users to control the drone by merely moving their hand in an open palm position. Now you may end up looking like a Jedi, but it works! Being that Palmcontrol works similar to gesture mode, this is yet another feature that DJI may need to add to their other capable models.

DJI Spark Possibilities

The new DJI Spark modes have many features that older DJI drones need, and panorama and shallow focus are only some of them.

Hopefully, DJI can implement these new modes into other drones because they are more than capable of supporting these new features.


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