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DJI Spark Hack Busted! Real World Testing!




Here at We Talk Uav, drone hacks are tested, especially if it improves the drone’s performance. The DJI Spark was recently released last May, and videos on YouTube and online forums like Spark Pilots have been claiming that there is a DJI Spark hack which improves the video downlink signal. The DJI Spark connects with a mobile phone via Wi-Fi signal, so the signal between the devices are believed to have a delay compared to a straight cable connection. If you add a cable for your Android or Apple device from the Spark controller to a mobile device, then it is supposed to reduce the delay; this has been claimed as the DJI Spark hack. Watch this We Talk Uav YouTube test video to see the difference:

DJI Spark Hack

For those that are interested in testing the hack out for yourself, follow these easy steps:

  1. Connect your mobile device via Wi-Fi to the Spark controller
  2. Get an OTG Cable and connect your Android or Apple device to your DJI Spark Controller, or find a shorter cable adaptor
  3. Once the cable is connected, turn off your Wi-Fi signal on your mobile device

Spark hack tested wetalkuav

As you can see from the test video, there was a small difference.The range stayed the same, and the video downlink signal between the DJI Spark hack and the stock setup is unnoticeable by the human eye. We Talk Uav tested the hack and found the difference to be 100 milliseconds or 0.1 seconds in the latency test. If the difference is that small, then this DJI Spark hack might not be worth it.


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