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How To Use A DJI Spark Gesture Control Mode




We have seen how they use DJI Spark Gesture Control in the DJI Commercials, but let’s walk through it step by step. In order to explain how this feature works in a real world, we have made a video that shows how the DJI Spark Gesture Control mode works.

So as we have learned from the video, you should make few steps to get in the Spark Gesture Control mode.

  1. Turn on a drone (obviously): Press a button once and then press it again and hold for few seconds.
  2. Make sure you are holding the bottom part of the drone, so once the motors start your fingers will not get cut.
  3. Drone camera should face you to be able to recognize your face
  4. Press the power button twice and the drone will take off.
  5. No need to throw the drone in the air, just gently let it go and it will take off smoothly.
  6. You should be close enough (10ft/3m) to be able to control the drone.
  7. Raise your hand to 90 degrees level and put a palm in front of the drone. Then start moving it left right up or down. Make sure your moves are slow and smooth. DJI Spark Gesture Control mode “doesn’t like” fast moves.
  8. If you want to control the DJI Spark forward/backward movements you would need to actually walk back and forward as the drone will not move it you just pull your hand closer to the body.
  9. To land a DJI Spark make sure the camera is facing your face and simply put your hand under the drone. Spark will start landing and will stop the motors once it’s on your palm

To learn a couple of extra things about gesture controls make sure you watch our video tutorial and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading and watching!


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