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DJI Spark Durability Test! Real Drone Abuse!




The DJI Spark is one small drone, but how does it fare against everyday abuse? A YouTube channel called HeyDrones tested the DJI Spark by putting it through some accidental scenarios and even went further by testing it in some extreme conditions. HeyDrones has built a solid reputation with some of their previous drone tests, so check out this DJI Spark durability test video they made:

Once the Spark gets hit with a large object, the drone does not regain its stability midair. A water bottle was thrown at the Spark and the drone just fell straight to the ground. Other DJI products have shown to stabilize in air once it gets hit with a projectile. A 180 gram water bottle was also strapped onto the Spark, but it dipped up and down; it barely made it past the hovering point. Heydrones also threw the DJI Spark like a dart and the mini drone stabilized mid-air.

DJI Spark Durability Test Unbelievable

DJI Spark Durability Test: Rain & Wind

The mini drone hovered in light rain, and it still operated under some heavy breezes! A DJI Phantom 4 Pro was flown directly above the Spark. The wind generated from the larger Phantom 4 Pro pushed the Spark around, but it kept flying. Gusts of wind affect the DJI Spark, but what was amazing was the Spark’s ability to regain its position once it got pushed around.DJI Spark Durability Test

DJI Spark Durability Test: Obstacle Avoidance

Yes, obstacle avoidance does work amazingly well. If you take a look at the video, the Spark shined as expected when it came down to avoiding objects in real time!DJI Spark Durability Test Obstacle Avoidance

DJI Spark Durability Test: Propeller Test

Even though the propellers are small, they can cut through objects like banana skins, balloons, and leaves with no problem. The propellers will also keep the drone from falling once they cut through most objects. As long as the drone can slice through what is placed in front of it, then the Spark will simply readjust its flight position and fly on. Tree leaves are ok, but tree branches are a good way to stop the Spark’s flight. HeyDrones also cut off a small chunk off the propeller, and this disabled the Spark from lifting off the ground; other DJI products like the Mavic or Phantom 4 Pro can still fly with a partially missing propeller.DJI Spark Durability Test: Propeller Test

DJI Spark Durability Test: Distance & RTH

With an iPhone 7, the DJI Spark reached about 230 feet, but the optional controller made the drone go as far as 6522 feet. Its return to home test was also off by only about 12 inches.DJI Spark Durability Test: Distance & RTH

DJI Spark vs. Food

You may have seen WeTalkUav’s Inspire 2 vs. food showdown, and apparently, the DJI Spark can also hold its own against a rain of food. The DJI Spark can only take about a handful of M&M’s before hitting the floor. Even though this test is a little unconventional, it still shows the resistance the Spark has against something like falling berries, and the propellers proved to be strong enough to chop through some of the hard shelled candies.DJI Spark vs FoodMost people that get their drones read about the safety features and don’t get to see how these drones are tested. HeyDrones has taken the extra step and provided people with proof by making these test videos. DJI has made their drones to not only be safe but durable. The DJI Spark durability test showed that this drone can take a beating, but it is not as stable in flight as DJI’s other products because it easily goes down once it gets hit with most objects in the air.

For those of you purchasing the optional controller for the added distance, remember that most objects can bring down your Spark. Even though the mini drone can do fairly well against the wind, it’s still advisable to not fly the Spark when there are high winds, especially if you are shooting videos. Overall, the DJI Spark proved to be a though mini quadcopter!


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