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DJI Spark CRASH! This Is How Durable Is DJI Spark!




DJI Spark Crash

This video about DJI Spark crash is one of the best examples of what you shouldn’t try at home, or in our case, this is what you shouldn’t try with your DJI Spark.

Alex Assenmacher being a drone pilot for quite a few years have crashed multiple drones in his career but, while making a DJI Spark Review, Gesture controls tutorial and the comparison between Spark and other selfie drones, he got in some dangerous situations, but obstacle avoidance saved him. But as it usually happens, a brilliant idea came up to his mind in that moment: ” What if there were no obstacle avoidance? How durable is DJI Spark? ” So the very next thought was: “Why don’t we perform a DJI Spark Crash?!” With this inspiration, we grabbed our cameras and drones and put this tiny boy through some tough tests.
Make sure you watch our DJI Spark Crash video to the end to find out what’s happened to the poor little drone.

Here is what we have on the menu:

  • Incorrectly installed propellers
  • Cut propeller
  • Aggressive palm launch
  • Power lifting
  • Spark vs Balloons
  • Spark vs BB Gun
  • Wind resistance test
  • Crash in a bush
  • Crash in a tree
  • Water resistance test

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