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DJI Shows Its Older Mavic Prototypes




DJI has just released a video about the Mavic’s design, detailing how much time and effort they spent to create their most portable and arguably most successful drone to date. DJI even showed some shots from their research and development process. Some old Mavic prototypes are quite interesting:

DJI Mavic Prototypes

Here’s a shot that shows a set of Mavic prototypes in a row.

DJI Mavic Prototype

Some of these prototypes are a sight for sore eyes. It’s really hard to imagine that something like this eventually became what some call the best drone on the market today.

DJI Mavic Prototype

This is what the Mavic could look like: a less angular drone with a white body and slim black arms.



(Take a closer look at that black case on a background. Recognize that “H” letter?! “H” stands for Hasselblad if you didn’t know)

DJI Mavic Gimbal Prototype

As they’ve mentioned in the video, DJI had a hard time designing such a small gimbal camera because, usually, the wires are too stiff. However, they’ve solved this issue and not only made the smallest 3-axis mechanical gimbal in the world but also gave it the ability to shoot vertically in portrait mode.

You can watch the full video here:

Here are some of the prototype images from last year, that DJI only showed to a Chinese audience for some reason.


What you see here is an x-ray of the Mavic’s back arm-folding mechanism. The internal spring gives it resistance to keep the arms in place.


And finally, a white Mavic. They have released a black version of the Phantom, so there is a possibility that DJI will release a white Mavic one day.


By the way, you can check out some of the leaks about the DJI Mavic Standard.

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