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DJI Ronin S – honest review!




When Xavi the cameraman tested the Ronin S, handheld footage versus Ronin S footage was a night and day difference; the footage shot with the gimbal was a lot smoother than the handheld footage.

Ronin S

“This is an amazing tool for content creators like us. I mean, with this, we can almost shoot everything we can imagine,” said Xavi.

Compared to a mobile phone stabilizer, Alex described the Ronin S gimbal as a smartphone gimbal “on steroids.”

Even when Alex did a 360 dance with the Ronin S, the gimbal stayed locked in one direction.

Selfie mode is as easy as 1-2-3

Selfies are made to be easy for Ronin-S users; three simple clicks of the trigger rotates the camera for vlogging or self-portraits.

After testing the Ronin S for a day, Alex was convinced that the gimbal is easy to use, even if it requires the user to stay in shape. We Talk UAV can now film smooth, drone-like reveals using a mirrorless camera,


DJI is supposed to add more features via firmware, so the gimbal can still be improved. It can be operated with two hands, and it only costs $699.


When the approximately 4.4-pound gimbal is paired with a camera and lens, the weight adds up, especially when holding the whole rig with one arm.


The Ronin S lived up to its hype, even with the weight issue. Its price point truly makes it best in its class, and it can be upgraded in the future through firmware updates. Support for more cameras and lenses are supposed to be added, so it is a future-proof DSLR and mirroless gimbal worth investing in!

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