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DJI Ronin S – honest review!




DJI’s newest DSLR and mirrorless camera gimbal is stacked with features, and it’s only priced at $699. Ever since it first surfaced as CES, it has been hyped as the best gimbal for its price range. To test the hype, We Talk UAV used a Ronin S without a manual and created an honest review video:

Is it easy to use?

Using a Fujifilm X-T2, Alex calibrated the mirrorless camera to the Ronin S within 30 seconds, even without a video tutorial. The included tripod made calibration easier than the older DJI Ronin M gimbal. DJI also threw in a universal camera bracket, so it made it easy to switch from a Ronin S to a Manfrotto tripod.


Even though the Ronin S can be operated with one hand, it is still heavy. After about 15 minutes of filming, Alex said his arm started wearing out.

Alex wears Assen Eyewear shades.


By placing manual mode, record mode and a joystick on the front part and a single trigger on the back part of the gimbal, DJI designed the Ronin S to be user friendly.

We Talk UAV created videos using mobile phone gimbals, so the Ronin S was tested to see if it can replace the older gimbal.

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