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DJI Ronin-S crazy test shots!




DJI’s newest gimbal is made for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and it comes packed with user-friendly features for only $699. We Talk UAV recently reviewed the Ronin-S and tested it to see if the hype was real. One problem with the gimbal is its weight when operated with one hand, but the review concluded with a majority of positive remarks. Besides it low price, the gimbal stood out with its ability to film footage from all kinds of angles. To see just how versatile the new camera gimbal is, here are some crazy test shots filmed on the Ronin-S:

Cameraman Xavi tested the Ronin-S in Barcelona using roller blades. The DJI gimbal opened new perspectives for Xavi to work with, but he ended up falling while rolling blading backwards. The good news is that the Ronin-S was ok, and of course, Xavi survived with a few scrapes.

Xavi roller bladed downhill while holding the Ronin-S with two hands, and at one point, he even operated the gimbal with one hand and hung onto a car for an up-close shot.

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