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DJI Teams Up With Dandelion For New Series Of DJI Robomasters Animation




99.9% of our audience knows what is DJI, but not that many people know Dandelion. The Dandelion Animation Studio LLC is a well-known 3D and 2D animation production company. They have been participating in big projects like One Piece and Last: Naruto The Movie.  Now they have teamed up with the largest drone company in the world to produce a new series of DJI Robomasters Animation. Now you may be asking yourself…

What Is DJI Robomasters?

Robomasters is a competition where the students from more than 200 universities in China building robots and fighting against each other. Watch this video to learn more about it:

Why Does DJI Need An Anime?

DJI is making the Robomasters animated series to popularize the competition. Last year’s Robomasters promo-video contained some fragments of anime as well. This year we can expect a whole anime series about school nerds building robots, fighting against each other and, as always, becoming heroes…

DJI Robomasters Animation

DJI Robomasters Animation/ by Dendelon

You might be thinking: “Why does DJI want to promote robots that they don’t even sell?” The answer is that it’s a fight for human resources. They want to attract best of the best engineers to work for DJI. They are not only competing with Yuneec and GoPro, but also with Uber, Apple, Intel, Samsung and other world-class corporations.

DJI Robomasters

Currently, there is no set release date for the series of DJI Robomasters Animation. Further details about production, distribution, staff, and cast will be released in March of 2017.

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