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DJI reported 65 lives were saved by drones in previous year




Even though drones can be misused, DJI released a report showing that drone technology can be used to save lives. According to the report, which documented 27 separate drone rescues from all over the world, at least 65 people from May 2017 to April 2018 were saved with help from a drone.

From dropping buoys to struggling swimmers in Australia and Brazil to spotting unconscious victims on cold nights in England and America, drones have proven to be a life-saving technology. The advancement in thermal imaging cameras, like what FLIR offers, have also helped find at least 18 victims thanks to their ability to sense a person’s body heat in the dark.

Drones can be equipped to carry life-saving devices, but it’s their aerial advantage that gives search and rescue teams or even everyday citizens the ability to track down lost victims.

Where did DJI get 65?

DJI’s report is based on media coverage from seven countries, but other drone rescues may have gone undocumented. The report also found that 32 of the victims saved in the last year were from the United States, while the rest were from China, Australia, Brazil, France, Malta and the United Kingdom.


The links to the descriptions can be found on DJI’s page.

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