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DJI’s Remote Identification Proposal = License Plated Drones?




DJI's Remote Identification

A DJI remote identification system may be used to track down drones in illegal action according to a recent proposal. This new tracking method was pitched to identify drones in unlawful action to local authorities via radio receiver. DJI called this a “balanced approach” to the rising problems associated with drones. This may even be a response to Canada’s recent law reformation regarding UAVs.

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How Will They Find A Drone?

Radio-based identification is what DJI has pitched over physical license plates since they offer more privacy. It can also be read at distances of around a mile away.

How Will This Work?

DJI proposed the usage of “protocols within the existing C2 or video link to transmit identification information to ground receivers.” These ground receivers will have an electronic map of the area for local authorities. Add-on modules will also be available for those who customize their own drones. The last proposal is what DJI labeled as an “optional” networked alternative that works as an identification system over a mobile telephone connection tied to the internet.

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What’s The Point Of All This?

DJI has created this idea to help locate drone operators who are not following the law. If a drone operator is illegally flying out of the line of sight, then that person can easily be detected by local law enforcement. They have also said that this might help drones be more culturally accepted. If there are any mishaps, then locals can report to the authorities for further investigation.

When Will DJI’s Remote Identification Be Implemented?

DJI said that they are capable of starting operations as early as this summer.

How About Privacy?

This technology will only be accessible for the local law enforcement. Obviously, DJI’s remote identification will not be available for general public access. Concerns for privacy is still an issue for some.

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Who Was The Paper Written For?

DJI said that “This whitepaper was prepared in response to AUVSI’s call for papers.” AUVSI stands for the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

DJI Remote Identification = Reformation

Canada recently had their laws reformed to address numerous drone problems. This paper may be DJI’s way of offering a solution before the U.S. adopts a similar law as their neighbors up north.

DJI has aimed to help alleviate the uprise in drone incidents, but responses for such regulations have been viewed negatively. This will definitely be a controversial topic if it gets passed since privacy issues have been lately trending here in the United States.


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